Sunday, April 21, 2013

Nomindation day has ended, now the battle for Malaysia begin!

Nominations are done. The battle has begun with BN’s future hanging precariously on the dacing. This is the ground reality that needs no Wall Street analyst to interpret.
Even migrant workers are no more fighting shy to express their opinions on the way BN has been behaving lately. You do not believe? Well take a walk down town and speak to the Indon or Bangla at the marketplace or take note of your maid’s expression while she watches TV news.
The latest fracas and assault on DAP was a heaven sent sign even for fence sitters. It is a shame that BN has to stoop so low – that is the tone of opinions being swiftly shared via the new media by the rakyat. Gone are the days where the citizens kept their viewpoints close to their locked bosoms.
The frustration, disappointment and disapproval towards BN’s and especially UMNO’s election tactics and strategies are being openly questioned – not just by the educated and professional circles, but even by petty traders and maids.
The very fact that the masses are willing to come out in droves in support of the opposition leaders is not to be dismissed as ‘curious crowds’. The sense of bonding and bridging between the three coalition parties – DAP, PKR and PAS, is not a convergence of conveniences anymore. Nor is it a strategy of sorts. The harsh reality is it is, by all measures, an inevitable maturation speeded up by BN’s doing and the rakyat’s increasing determination to see through a transforming change.
Today, the rakyat are on that final countdown, determined to give that final push for transforming change. Not just change for the sake of change as the BN supremoes want to believe. But change to transform the nation from the strangle-holds of gutter politics.
In fact, the very thought in the minds of growing millions of voters is much like the Nike slogan, “Just do it”.
Extreme disappointment in BN
BN leaders and especially UMNO gangs must stop blaming the opposition party and its leaders for this election tornado that is heading their way. You actually know it. Surely your snoop squads have already kept you in the loop. The rakyat are no more singing “It’s now or never” but “It’s NOW!”.
That tornado which is expected to clean the nation and give a reason for the rakyat to build all over again a free, fair and clean nation of their choice will emerge as the sun sets on the 5th of May, 2013.
UMNO’s unforgetable threats of “over our dead bodies and crushed bones” and its keris wielding is not going to hold back the rakyat’s tidal sweep for transforming change; the warnings of “chaos” is not conssidered anymore as a price that must be paid to see through this transforming change through the gates of Putrajaya; the intimidations showered on the populace through the high-handed law enforcers is also not anymore a barricade against this tide and quest for new hope that is increasingly being shared by millions of rakyat.
Even if some chaotic situation was induced and forced onto the streets, the rakyat who have a long history and tradition for peaceful behavior will not fall victim to such instigation. Why? Because it not just change that they desire most; it is not just transformation that they want to protect; but transforming change thorough the ballot box is what is driving the election fever rigged by BN's dubious strategies and telling intent to win by any means .
An autumn for BN
BN please note. When your own leaders are threatening to jump ship and openly telling the rakyat that they are disappointed and do not subscribe to your thinking – given their last minute being discarded by your leaders, the climate has already set in for the historic moment of a new spring that will ignite hope and joy for the 28 million people. And not just for the citizens alone. Even amongst the millions of migrant workers they are saying the same:harap ada peruabahan kali ini ya. If you do not believe this nor know not, then all the more reasons BN deserves to be put into cold storage.
Oh by the way if the description 'new spring' is distasteful, please replace it with 'the autumn of BN'.
The rakyat are not only going to vote wisely. They certainly seem very set to vote decisively armored with courage and a will for transforming change. What more can you say; God bless all caring, honest and determined Malaysians on polling day.

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