Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The difference in the way we handle an invasion

When the Argentinians invaded the Falkland Islands on April 2 1982, a British territory, Margaret Thatcher immediately dispatched British marines on board the QEII to dislodge the enemies from the island.  The initial phase of the operations upon arrival was basically a naval engagement.  After softening up the target, the actual landing by the British took place on May 21.  By June 14, the battle for The Falklands was over.  All in all, it took the British 24 days to bring the crisis to an end.

When the Sulu militants invaded Lahad Datu on February 12 2013, Najib dispatched a police contingent (not crack troops from the army), and subsequently have tea with them for three weeks before they realised what hit them.  The incident took place on February 12 2013 and until today, i.e. almost two months later, we are still wondering whether life has returned to normalcy in the area.  All we are getting from the msm is that Hishamuddin and Zahid were getting plenty photo shoots at the 'front line'.
According to Mahathir, the reason why the Malaysians need to do a 'teh jamuan' sesion with the invaders was that they were Muslims and we shouldn't be too hard on them. What a crap.  We might as well thrown in board and lodging at a first class hotel for them.  Britain is a Christian nation and so is Argentine.  As far as Britain is concerned, an invasion is an invasion because it breached the sovereignty of the state and Margaret Thatcher firmly and decisively dealt with it unlike our leaders who  tend to pussyfoot with the Sulu militants.
God save Malaysia!!!

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