Saturday, April 13, 2013

What a 'bloody' waste!!!

Barisan Nasional recently gave away 22,000 crash helmets to selected youths as part of the on-going campaign before the May 5 polling day.

Whoever came up with the cockamamie idea should be strung up as it is definitely a waste of public fund, although the BN claimed it is from their own funds, I really doubt it.  Quite frankly, what does the rakyat benefit from this exercise?

I have checked around and the cheapest helmet in the market is about RM150.00.  Multiply that by 22,000  helmets, BN would have to fork out RM3.3 million.  Knowing how corrupt the BN is, the cost of the helmet could even be more as part of it would have lined someone's pocket.

Such wastage has to be stopped and one way of doing it is to vote them out at the coming GE.

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  1. I think if it was approved by the respective public sector they're seeing something special and beneficial to the same project, but yeah again if you look at it it may be a waste of public funds but I guess they have something in store.