Friday, May 3, 2013

If you must vote for the BN, be prepared for the following .....

If you must vote for the BN and they end up forming the next government, please observe the following :

1. Don't complain when you get your AES summons next month.  Just shut up and pay

2. Don't complain if you or your loved ones get robbed or fall victims to snatch thieves.  Tell yourself, "I deserve it."

3. Don't complain if you were to be stopped at the airport and not allowed to go on a holiday, all because your PTPTN loan is not paid promptly.  You asked for it.

4. Don't complain if the prices of car, house and household items go up.  Just zip up and live like a beggar with the BR1M handout.

5. Don't complain if you are an Indian and you are called a 'pariah' or 'keling', or being a Chinese, you are told to 'balik Cina'. You deserve to be called just that.

6. Don't complain to anyone if your child didn't get a scholarship even though he/she achieve all As.  In fact, you are the one who is responsible for depriving your own child the chance to better him or herself.  A parent depriving his/her own child the opportunity to succeed is most unforgivable!

7. Don't complain if you have friends or relatives dying in lockups.  You were the cause of it when you voted for the BN.

8. Don't complain if Rosmah continue to wear diamond rings or carry those expensive Birkin handbags.  Her decadent lifestyle were approved by you.

9. Don't complain if politicians you know make billions and get away with it.  You were the one who provided them the opportunities.

10. Don't complain if cow heads continued to be dragged around, and churches being torched or Bibles being burnt.  The fact is you sanctioned it.

11.  Don't complain if people like Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Nordin, who are now with the BN, continue with their racial and religious bigotries.  You condone them.

12. Don't complain if there are more and more Banglas, Myammaris, Nepalese and Pakistanis roaming our streets and posing a security threat to us and our families.  You have in fact allowed these foreigners to decide our future. 


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  1. Well said! I too decided long ago that I'd tell my bin supporter friend that I don't want to hear their complains as they deserve it. They reap what they sow. But on a sadder note, the foreigners will help them to win.