Friday, May 3, 2013

MAS, the carrier of the illegal voter virus?

First, UMNO denied that such an operations took place, but with more evidence mounting by the day, they now admitted that the chartered flights were meant to ferry legitimate voters from Sabah back to Semanjung to vote and they saw no wrong in doing it.

But what we are interested to know from MAS, the carrier responsible for ferrying such passengers are:
  • Why such generosity when the passengers could make their own way back to vote just like everyone else?
  • Why are so many suddenly being flown in?  So far, 40,500 have been listed.
  • Why do so in the steal of night?
  • How come they are all from East Malaysia?
  • What is the plot?
  • What is the development?
  • Who chartered the planes?
  • Who paid for all these flights?
  • Where are they now?

MAS has better come clean or they will be equally guilty of being an accessory to a heinous crime in selling out our country to foreigners, and this is what we termed as HIGH TREASON!

Read more here.

Over to you, MAS.

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