Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's elementary, Najib, it's elementary

Simple maths: There are 12.2 mil eligible voters in Malaysia.

EC accounts for 80% turnout.

That means 9.76 mil ppl came out to vote.

Total votes accountable for 'STATES' : 9.52 mil (give or take some spoilt votes)

This number is fair.

How come total votes for "PARLIMENT" can reach 10.5 mil?

If total people who came out to vote was only 9.76 mil MAX?!?

Where the hell did the other 1 mil votes come

[Source : Richter Chew DAP (Democratic Action Party Malaysia]


  1. The figures actually tally if you take into account that Sarawak did not have a simultaneous state elections as they had it last year.

  2. Get your facts right before you simply post something on the web.

    Of course the parliament votes would be higher than the state votes. Wilayah people (KL/Putrajaya/Labuan) do not cast votes for DUN (ie state). Wilayah votes is already approx 850k.

    Ini lah problem sekarang, hatered is everywhere. Simply post/forward/gossip without checking the facts.

  3. Forgot to add..the number of registered voters is actually 13.3mil. So 13.3m * 80% is 10.6m. The figures tally.