Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Now Najib, see what you have done when you opened your racist mouth to say the Opposition's gain is due to the "Chinese Tsunami"

This person is a sicko and with such posting on the internet, I wonder what the PDRM and the MCMC are going to do about it.  The racist brain of this chap just refuses to register that the Opposition's win was as a result of Malaysians from all races coming together for a common good.  The Chinese constitutes only  23% of the entire population with many of them still supporting MCA, Gerakan or SUPP.  So how could there be a Chinese tsunami anyway, unless all the 23% of the Chinese in the country vote for the Opposition.  Many political analysts have already stated the fact that this election was strictly between the urbanites and the ruralites.  We hope Najib will do something about this guy or his 'reconciliation' appeal will fall flat on his face, again.

Several netizens have contacted Harakahdaily over a call by a Facebook user urging Malays to "slaughter" the Chinese on the coming May 13.
The extremely racist remark by Facebook user Shahrizad Mohd Diah has been posted on the website of UMNO's Papagomo at 7.56 pm this evening as a response to an equally racist ranting by the blogger today, in which the latter declared it is a "must" to fight the "DAP Chinese" even if it means spilling blood.

"aku cadangkan 13 mei ini org melayu bangkit merusuh dan bunuh semua cina keparat di malaysia ini. itu jua caranya. sembelih cina macam babi," runs a comment posted via Facebook by the user.

(Translation: "I suggest that on the coming May 13, Malays rise up to riot and kill all the Chinese in Malaysia. That's the only way. Slaughter the Chinese like pigs.")

On the user's Facebook details (www.facebook.com/shahrizad.diah), it is claimed that he is "Managing Director at MD Property Development Plc, Agency Manager at Ambank Assurance and Agency Manager at CIMB Wealth Adviser".

He also claims to have taught at the International Islamic University, and attended school at St. John's Institution, Kuala Lumpur and Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

Shockingly, his comments have even earned a few 'likes' from fans of Papagomo.

On the same page, the blogger among others posted what he claims is the Malay translation of a leaflet in Chinese calling for the community to take political control from the Malays. The blogger, who has no qualms of posting pornographic images on his blog, also claims that DAP is behind the leaflet, without showing any image of the original.
 [Source: Harakah Daily]

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  1. No reason for pm to stop these two racists. It could be his agenda to have unrest even though election is over. Also, now that perkasa has breathed [assumption only] the rightist views have to be outsourced to someone else!