Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How could they do this to our kids just because they are non-Muslims?

I know this news have already gone viral on the internet, but all the same, I am posting the photo here to demonstrate my disgust at how UMNO Baru is treating our kids.  The canteen was closed as the Muslim pupils were on fast, but does that mean, that the toilet would be the best alternate place for the kids to have their meals?  Our educationalists may not be smart, but by doing what they did, doesn't that expose their idiocy?

How could the school authorities say that it was a shower room when it is clearly seen in the picture above that it is a toilet.  Read more here.


  1. Perhaps some of these bigots are trying to outdo one another on the best way to insult the non muslims. Malaysia Boleh, and I wonder if the non muslims are those with short memory which can even be made shorter with more BR1M just before the next GE.

  2. Sad thing to this issue is the fact that the HM lied, deputy education minister did not take any stern action and worst of all people are arguing over the matter. Whatever it is the way I see it is that even if the toilet was used for 1 day it was wrong. I would like the HM to ask his children to eat in the toilet. Would he agree?