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"I am just very tired" - Namewee

First, it was Ambiga Sreenevasan .  Then followed by Anwar Ibrahim.  Now it's Namewee's turn to have his citizenship revoked, a call made by PERKASA just because they don't agree with his views on the screening of the film "The New Village".  Their reasoning is that Namewee was glorifying communism  [huh?] and for that, he ought to be made persona non grata in this country.  If that is the case, then Khairy Jamaluddin's citizenship should also be revoked since his UMNO Baru Youth movement has close ties with the Communist Youth Movement of China.  Of course, Khairy defended his move by saying that the Communist China is not the same as the Communist China of yesteryears.  If that is the case, how about Tun Abdul Razak for his visit to China in 1974 to set up diplomatic ties.  At the time of the trip, people like Chairman Mao Tse Tung and Premier Chou En Lai were still very much alive and these guys were hard core communists.  Furthermore, who do you think supported the Communist Party of Malaya at the time of the Emergency from 1947 to 1960 in terms of arms and guerrilla warfare?

For the information of many of UMNO Baru's leaders and pro-UMNO Baru groups, the youths of today just want to make a living and to 'glorify' communism is the furthest from their minds. I doubt they even know what communism is all about.  I would have agreed to the ban if the film [for the sake of our sensitive PERKASA and certain UMNO Baru leaders] was an autobiography of Chin Peng or any of the CPM leaders, but about love between two persons caught on the wrong sides of the ideological and political divide?  Come on, open up your minds to see the greater good of the story.

So, Namewee is kicking up a fuss, but can we blame him?  His complain about the 'New Village' was, after all the permits have been obtained, why the sudden ban just because of some people who thought otherwise?  This was the question posed by him on his video "017 Double Standard",

Now about his experience with the Film Censorship Board, here are his grievances, but you will have to excuse the English as it was taken verbatim from the subtitles of his video, "017 Double Standard".

While nobody questioned the lucky headmaster who demanded his students to eat in the toilet.  I've tried so hard to apply funding for my first movie 'Nasi Lemak 2.0'.  After 12 long months, you rejected me.  Simply, because I am Chinese, right?  Then why don't you reject all the Chinese votes?  Since you've rejected to fund my movie, I was forced to raise money by myself.

Still remember what happened during the screening?  A few idiots who claimed they're from the NGO tried to create havoc in the cinema to stop the screening.  And immediately, you called for an emergency meeting to ban the movie.  Apparently, Nasi Lemak 2.0 has not been taken down.  It went successfully to beat the box office.  I'm proud of myself.  Only for you to claim that Nasi Lemak 2.0 was classified as non-local movie and will be charged 20% of tax, how insane is that?  Both Adinah Noor and Afdlin Shauki appeared in the movie and it was classified as non-local movie?

Next, was my second move, 'Hantu Gangster'.  You've filtered and removed 17 scenes and classified it as '13PL'.  What's your problem?  You should have given me a 13PL classified without censorship, or a 'U' (publice) classification since you've censored 17 scenes, but you've done BOTH!  Isn't that unfair?  You claimed 'Hantu Gangster' was sensitive.  What is so sensitive?  My thigh is sensitive and I know your nipples are sensitive too.  We've put in so many efforts and hard work, and now you're targeting my third movie, 'Kara King'

'Kara King' was supposed to be a Chinese New Year movie.  You came up with your own rules on which movie should or should not be released.  Now the movie will not be screened during Chinese New Year.  Are you happy with that?  You better watch out for our Golden Left Foot.  How am I supposed to explain to Ng Man Tiat and Frankie Gan?  Rules and system are created to help the people, but you are manipulating the rules and enjoyed the benefits on your own.  Since the movie won't be shown on Chinese New Year, we've decided to release the movie in August.  Because its festive season and there's a school holiday.  Even though it would not be the same as Chinese New Year, but at least there's Hari Raya.  But you remember what you said?  You said, "NO".  You ordered us to bring backward the date!  Your lame reason was because you need to reserve the slots in August for Malay movies.  No Chinese movie is permitted.  But did you ever realised that Malay movies are given permits to release their movies during Chinese New Year?!

There are Malay actors and crew in our production.  We worked so hard for this movie unlike people like you. We've planned for this movie to be screened together in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, but due to the unfairness in managing the movies and late notifications on our screening date, all our plans in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore are ruined because we no longer able to launch the movie at the same time.  Are you satisfied with this now? Are you happy with what you have done?  The last minute notification was so crucial that we're now not able to run our promotion campaign.  No one knows when 'Kara King' will be released.  Only you alone knows.  I was notified a few moments ago.  Without proper promotion who is going to watch my movie?  What should I do?

Coming back to the 'New Village' issue.  Since you've approved the script, why ban it now?  We've submitted the script for approval before shooting.  We're only allowed to shoot if the script is approved.  You better don't play, play.  I've done shooting my fourth movie, "Bangrasia".  You better not fool around with the movie because you've already approved the script and shooting.  I will not tolerate this unfairness because I've followed all the correct procedures.  You should inform me earlier if you wanna fool around and don't tell me the approval was given by another department.  It doesn't make sense.  If you fool me, I will spray you with my pee.  If it happens, than you can lodge a police report on my pee.  It's none of my business and its not my fault but my pee.  My pee is the one attacked you, not me.  Am I right?  You shouldn't say Chinese don't support you, so you would like to take opportunity to revenge.  Where is your evidence showing that Chinese don't support you?

There is an idiot in every single religion.  Everyone is asking me to bang you with my songs.  But I'm sick of writing that all the time plus I don't really have the time to waste right now because 'Kara King' will be released today.  I have to go inform everyone or no one knows.  Since I don't have the time to write a song, I would like to deliver this special song from the movie, 'Kara King'.  If you are not happy with me, please complain on YouTube.  It's YouTube and Facebook's fault, not mine.  You deal with YouTube.  I learned this from you, double standard principles.


The foll.owing was what Namewee had to say when interviewed by The Malaysian Insider yesterday.

Uh, uh, I’m so *&%^*%^* tired  yo’all,  Namewee raps Perkasa

For a rapper who is no stranger to controversy, the last thing one expects Namewee to say is he is tired.
“I am just very tired. I have put in so much effort, wasted so much of my time and youth to promote unity through movies, yet they are doing this,” he told The Malaysian Insider, referring to attacks from Umno-backed newspapers and rights groups.
He has made the news over and over again for about the same reasons – he raps about people and things one doesn’t normally expect to turn up in a rap song. And this has incurred the wrath of the authorities from time to time.
But this time, it is different. This time, Namewee is in the sights because he has come out in support of a movie that was slammed by the weekend newspaper Mingguan Malaysia for glorifying communism.
Yesterday, Malay rights group Perkasa even demanded that his citizenship be revoked.
Perkasa deputy president Datuk Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar said it had lodged countless police reports against Namewee but the Attorney-General had done nothing.
Namewee said, “They can call me racist. They can call me anything they want. I don’t have to defend myself or answer to them.”
Namewee was heavily criticised by Mingguan Malaysia columnist Awang Selamat on Sunday, calling the rapper racist, childish and someone who didn’t know his history.
Awang, a pseudonym used by Utusan's editors in the weekly edition, also called him an extremist for speaking out against the decision to halt the screening of the movie "The New Village".
This came after the actor and director had posted a YouTube video called "017 Double Standard", saying that the demand to halt the movie showed double standards.
He said he found it strange that the Film Censorship Board had approved the movie in the first place.
“What is the point of approving the movie only to have it banned later? I don’t know why this is happening. But this is a serious problem,” he said.
“This will only just incur a lot of costs to the movie production.”
Namewee studied mass communications in Taiwan. That is where he first made headlines in 2007, as a foul-mouthed rapper in a music video called I Love My Country Negarakuku. It was criticised for ridiculing the national anthem and the Islamic call for prayer. He was questioned by the police a year later after he returned from Taiwan.
He had another close shave with the law when he posted a video in 2010 containing his trademark vulgarities and obscenities in response to an incident involving a Johor school principal, who allegedly made racist remarks to her pupils. He was probed for sedition over that YouTube video.
In 2011, Namewee again grabbed the headlines after Utusan Malaysia’s writer Fauziah Arof wrote that she would not watch his movie, Nasi Lemak 2.0.
Namewee, in a return to his usual style, responded with a video on YouTube saying that she should not be writing about the movie if she had not watched it.
When asked if he was worried that the police have responded vigorously recently to controversial videos, Namewee said, “I think the police should go catch the real bad guys.” 

Not only is Namewee tired.  I am also tired and so are many Malaysians who are getting fedup with the antics put up by PERKASA and others, and yet PERKASA is mooting the idea of an inter-racial grouping?  Despite all that is happening to the Chinese community, isn't it clear why UMNO Baru lost the Chinese votes or are they so dumb as not to see it at all.

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