Monday, June 23, 2014


With the Federal Court's decision made this morning, the Church has finally been checkmate. To me, losing this case is not a major concern although a grievous one, but the after effects will definitely be apocalyptic. It will be the beginning of an OPEN SEASON for the bigots to go after the Christians at random using every little reason in their books to torment and humiliate them. We can already see things happening even without the Federal Court judgment. What now the issue has been ruled in favour of them? They will become more egoistic and arrogant, and there will be no stopping them now. 

People like Tee Chuan Seng, Abdullah Zaik, Ibrahim Ali, Noordin Zulkifli and Hasan Ali will be raising the temperatures a few notches higher in the days and weeks to come. Our brethren in Sarawak and Sabah will be having frequent and urgent meetings now to explore the possibility of breaking away from the federation, and all because of one word.


  1. With it's kangkaroo courts,hapless and powerless court officials have to follow the rulings of the religious extremist for fear of the 'samsengs invasion' of the courts as evidenced in the attack of the Penang state assembly.Traumatised officials cuddling under their desks in Putrajaya,in fear of these Islamist Talibans what more is there to say.To SOS another chicken name Obama to send in the marines? It will take generations of cows coming home before Obama can decide if ,,,,,,,,?

  2. an angry mongolianJune 23, 2014 at 9:06 PM

    Is open season from now on an understatement?

    The kangaroo courts ignored the church's appeal,but instead listen to the religious fanatics.

    The IGP ignored the court's directives that the child be return to the Hindu mother,but instead listened to the religious fanatics.

    Since when in a democratic country do the government institutions take orders from religious fanatics.

    Is Malaysia turning back the clock,going back into the stone age or a pariah lawless state.

  3. maestro's worse nightmaresJune 24, 2014 at 1:35 AM

    What is there to expect and is there any hope when bigots are mass producing and laying eggs all over the country.The majority of the population is doomed except the politically connected,rich,powerful and the priveleged.

  4. Tee,Abdullah,Noordin,Abrahim and Hassan Ali are all sick,very very sick people.They have mentality like a mentally retarded patient.Real retarded and crazy.

    1. Agree. There need psychiatric help.

  5. When the country's leadership is weak,from the top down to the very bottom is weak.The PM is weak.The AG and IGP is very very weak.The court officials are even worse.They can jump like real kangaroos.So all hell breaks loose and all bigots and gangsters affiliated to the Umno thinks that they are above the law.And hey,in a lawless cowboy country who can blame them if they think that their mamas and grandmas own the country.

  6. Does it also mean they can go to homes of Christians to check their bibles if it contain that A-word?