Sunday, June 22, 2014

A prophesy coming true ....


The controversial novelist and philosopher whose book, 'Atlas Shrugged' told of how collectivism (government philosophy of then Russia ) led to successful industrialists folding up their enterprises due to repressive policy of a corrupted regime vested in the hands of a few leading to closures of vital industries.

Her's philosophy of Individualism had a strong influence on the American society till today.

Spoken 57 years ago, it is now happening and unfolding before your eyes in Boleh Land. Soon, to quote her, it will be Doomed Land rather it is already.


  1. Geronimo,if Petrona's taps of black gold were to run dry tomorrow,Petronas will be a pokkai company.Because it's cash reserves will be so low that it will have difficulties paying the next few months salaries.The once upon a time cash cow has been milked dozens of times a day that its papaya tips are swollen red,purple and black.Trillions of black gold money have been funneled out of the country that it will make cronies of commie buddies of Putin and mainland China cronies look like minnows.

    There is no turning back the clock as corruption is a ticking time bomb.PKR,PR's taikor is in a land of uncharted territory soon to self implode,unless there is a change of leadership.

    It is not that all the 47% which voted for BN wholeheartedly supported the coalition.They see no better alternatives in the present PR leadership.So they are stuck with an abusive spouse in Umno/BN.

    Bolehland is lining up for it's turn to take up permanent residency in the land of the Pigg's.Bankrupt or doomed? Take your pick.

  2. Umeeno's worst nightmare.June 23, 2014 at 12:33 AM

    Corruption here,corruption there and corruption everywhere.No matter how much natural resources a country has,eventually the reserves will run out.Then what will happen.Doomed land of the bolehs.Umnoputras mesti boleh.

  3. A very good morning to you Bruno and 'Umeeno's Worst Nightmare', we have to face the reality that we are having incompetent people running the country these days. They do not appear to have a long range view of everything. Like the both of you rightfully mentioned about our oil reserves, what happens when it finally runs our and what happens when many of the entrepreneurial Chinese start to live the country. That is when we will all be in deep shit. They may not like to admit it, but it is the Chinese business community that is actually propping up the country's economy. We are now actually witnessing the clock on its count down mode.