Saturday, June 7, 2014

Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no .......??? Can these fellas please make up their mind?

Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) is refusing to divulge details of their plan to publicly eat Cadbury chocolates to demonstrate they are halal.

Jakim deputy director Razali Shahabuddin today tried to dodge the question of when this demonstration would be held, when met by Malaysiakini.

"I cannot answer, only the director can answer that question," he said when met at launch of a motor convoy at the Federal Territories mosque this morning.

As soon as the 250 high-powered motor vehicles were on their way, the media circled Razali and asked him about the Cadbury issue.

Shifting the responsibility to the Jakim director, he tried to escape from the eager press and headed towards the mosque.

With journalists hot on his heels, he repeated, "Only the Jakin director can answer."

On Monday Jakim senior director for Halal Hub Mohd Amri Abdullah told Astro Awani that the department has no qualms in provingthat Cadbury chocolates are halal for Muslim consumption.

This followed an about turn in declaring two of the popular chocolate manufacturer's products halal after earlier claiming tests had revealed the presence of porcine DNA.
[Source: Malaysiakini]


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