Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ibrahim Ali is not the dog's best friend

Once again, our people have made an ass of themselves in front of the whole world, and this time it came from no other than that tin kosong, Ibrahim Ali.

Actually, the issue that he picked on was a non-starter to begin with but the way he made it out, sounded as though the Scots or the Commonwealth Games organising committee have committed a mortal sin against ALL the Muslims in the entire world, more so Malaysia, when dogs were used as mascots during the opening ceremony.

If he was so uptight about the issue, the proper thing for him to do was to urge our authorities to pull out from the Games or better still don't participate in future games at all but stay at home and watch the event from the telly.

Yes, dogs may be offensive to some Muslims, but certainly not to all Muslims as shown from the pictures posted here. The first pix shows a Malay student undergoing her studies in Veterinary Science at one of our local U's and the second pix shows Pak Mie of Pak Mie Animal Shelter who has 800 stray dogs under his care. His animal 'home' is located in Tanjung Bendara, Kedah.

In addition, I urge all my friends to visit the page of this kind soul, Muhamad Razeel Che Shamah, who has a tremendous soft spot for our canine friends, and cats too.  Click here.

One last word to Ibrahim Ali. Do you honestly think the Scots or the CG organising committee give two hoots of your feelings? Dream on.

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