Monday, July 28, 2014

Why blame God for our own negligence?

MH 370 and MH 17 suffered great tragedies because according to the logic of two PAS leaders, it was an Act of God, as the air stewardesses wore 'indecent' uniforms and liquor were served on board. Wow, that was quite a revelation.

The photo below is a picture of our national rhythmic gymnasts who are currently participating in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, and one of them is Fatin Zakirah Zain Jalany. Looking at their attire, I wonder what is going to befall this country? Oh, by the way, we won a bronze for the team event. Our heartiest congratulations to the girls for putting up a good show.

Do you remember what happened to Samy Velu in early November 2004, when he attributed the landslide along the Karak Highway to an 'Act of God'? The public unrelentlessly crucified him for blaming God for the mishap when his Ministry should have taken all necessary steps to prevent such a tragedy from happening. But to blame God?

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