Monday, July 21, 2014

Let's prioritize our protests

Now that it has been reported that the missile that brought down MH 17 was from Russia, will PERKASA, ISMA, JATI, PERKIDA, PAS, etc be protesting in front of the Russian embassy with the same gusto, zeal and enthusiasm as they did a few days ago in front of the American embassy in protest against the inhumane treatment on the people of Gaza by Israel? After all, 44 Malaysian lives (Malays included) were lost needlessly in the MH 17 tragedy, while there were none in the Gaza incident.

While I, like many fair minded Malaysians, deplore the brutality of the Israeli government, but on our part, let's have a sense of priority here, if you don't mind? If one can feel so much for someone thousands of miles away, what about those who are your own countrymen?


  1. When it comes down to Putin and a giant called Russia,these so called Malay NGO's have lost their mini pea sized balls.

  2. These Perkasa and their wannabes always fucked(not barked) the wrong trees.These fucking morons do not know anything about priorities.