Sunday, July 20, 2014

MAS, oh MAS .....

That is me (see pix below) with a group of travel agent invitees sampling the services of the first MAS demo flight to Hong Kong on September 17 1972. The photo was taken at the Kai Tak International Airport after our disembarkation.

As agents we were eager to see our newly born national airline succeed, giving other regional airlines, especially Singapore Airlines, a run for their money, and succeeded it did under the helmanship of the then General Manager, Saw Huat Lye (now Tan Sri). He took the airline to great heights and we were proud to be part of the airline's achievement.

In 1982, I represented my company, Diners World Travel (a division of Diners Club) in receiving the best sales award for travel agents from MAS. That was the kind of loyal support we gave to our own national airline.

Forty two years later, every thing has gone so very wrong, and I together with many of my fellow travel agents of that era, can only lament at what is unfolding before us today.

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