Friday, August 29, 2014

Finally, Najib speaks out on IS

Najib is like the lallang bending with the wind. When ISIS was on the roll at the start of their slaughtering campaign of the minorities, he praised this demonic group for their successes (if you can consider killing innocent young and old people a success) and urged UMNO Baru members to emulate them. Now that ISIS is getting clobbered by the Kurds, the US air force and the Iraqi air force, he now changes his tune. If he was an honest man, he should have made a public statement himself at the very outset, saying that he was misquoted (its okay. We are pretty used to it) and immediately condemn the activities of IS. How does he expect us to believe him now when he was quick to praise but sooooo slow to condemn.

Please refer to this link here condemning IS.

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