Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tee Chuan Seng aka Ridhuan Tee has committed an act of sedition, has he not?

This Tee Chuan Seng or notoriously known as Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is really getting on our nerves, and it is not helping the situation when the various media are giving him wide coverage to the kind of rubbish that comes out of his mouth.

The latest salvo that comes from him is renaming Selangor state as Selangor Darul Babi. I wonder whether this can be construed as seditious and I am wondering what HRH the Sultan of Selangor has to say about this.

Now, think about it. A form five student has been charged under the Sedition Act just because he clicked 'Like' in Facebook for Israel. Isn't this recent outburst by Tee Chuan Seng by far, more serious?

I hope HRH will seriously look into the matter now that he is back from his European holidays. We await the outcome.


  1. Geronimo,this Ridzuan Tee has inferiority complex.Since converting to the Muslim faith,he had screamed through his lungs that he is a Malay.

    For this very sick man,to be given lots of coverage by the press is like a veteran whore having her first climak during the course of doing business.

  2. Actually no difference like those Mamak Indians born in hospital and insist writing on birth certificate Melayu.... they are helping diluting the true malay and insulting Islam....No problem from those of other race & religion...Good riddance ...lucky these unloved type need to justify their conversion to the masses of his new found stupidity and sickness!.....Might as well ask him to join ISIS, ISIL and welcome the Madhi and Caliph in Iraq!!!

  3. Bruno and Bumi-non-malay, I have been speaking to many of my Malay friends about the behaviour of these Malays wannabes, and they just simply shake their heads. One thing for sure, if they can betray their own race, what's stopping them from betraying the Malays, who don't share the same DNA as them, when the wind changes direction?