Friday, October 3, 2014

How much more can we tighten our belt?

Many of my friends I have spoken to, that in view of the price hike in petrol and diesel, we must adapt, change our lifestyle, be austere, cut the clothe according to our size, blah, blah, blah. Now what if a person has only one car to get by. Does he need to dump that old jalopy and opt for a bicycle? Forget about Starbucks, McDonalds or KFC, what if the person had been eating at the mamak stall (and I don't even mean a shop), does he need to cut back to eating plain biscuits and water? A person would have already cut back to eating two meals a day. Does he need to cut down to one? If a man is already married with four wives, does he need to divorce three to reduce it to one? What about those who could only afford a single storey terrace house. Does it mean, he would have to sell off the property to buy an attap house?

I feel this is the beginning of a long nightmare for many of us with those severely affected will be the low income earners, pensioners and senior citizens. What's the big deal about BR1M when they give it to you with one hand and rob you with the other?

We have already adapted from the many price hikes in the past. How much more can one adapt when we have nothing more to adapt to?
Best of luck, everyone.

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  1. Geronimo,this is a price all Malaysians have to pay for electing the useless aduns and MP's.They are just to busy politicking and fighting among themselves to mind Umno robbing the jelly and condom stores.No wonder these robber barons live in mansions fit for kings.Have mistresses young to be their grand daughters,and children bored by their mistresses to be much younger than their children's grand children.

    By having blind sworn loyalists backing the Umno/BN gomen and PR is like signing these politicians blind checks.Our PR leaders are beginning to look like enuchs,comparing to the Umnoputras.While the PR politicos screwed each others asses,the Umnoputras entered their homes and robbed them blind.