Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bumi Melayu? Never heard of it.

Bumi melayu?  Quite honestly I didn't know that this planet earth belongs to them.  What a laugh. Christopher Columbus founded the new world, but had never claimed that the Americas belonged to Spain.  The Americans were the first to land on the moon and yet the Americans did not claim the moon belongs to them.  I wonder what great discoveries have these Malays (in the pictures above) made to warrant the claim that earth belongs to them.  They are so delusional.


  1. Geronimo,Ridzuan Tee claims to be a Muslim Melayu.My best guess is that these children must be present or former students of his.Birds of the same feather always flock together.

    1. Day by day, their claim becomes more and more ridiculous. Don't they have better things to do on a hazy day like this then spending time making fools of themselves. Your are right, Bruno, very likely they are the ornithological specimens of similar plumage that congregate in close proximity [sorry, learned this from my English teacher of old]. Thanks for your comments.

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