Sunday, November 30, 2014

Why the need for all that gory stuff?

So, the message for the last four days from UMNO Baru to the non-Malays was clear, "Watch out. If you continue to reject us, we will do what is necessary." Gosh, that has put us in a fix, a HOBSON'S CHOICE you might say. Vote them in, we get crap from them. Don't vote them in, we also get crap, unless the non-Malays (including our brethren from Sabah and Sarawak) unite together to vote them out once and for all. 

By screening clips on May 13 and the beheadings by ISIS, it just goes to show how violent and blood thirsty these people can be, and the implications are quite clear. If they are not, then was it necessary to screen these gory stuff. Take heed Malaysians.

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