Friday, December 12, 2014

A 'white' PM? Who are you kidding, Mahathir?

When I read Mahathir's remark that we might as well have a white prime minister in view of the fact we will be having a 'white' CEO to manage MAS, is nothing short of sarcasm at its worst.

You people can't do a job and now you have turned sour grapes just because a kwai loh has been appointed to run the national airline. To say that we should even opt to have a 'white' pm is stretching his sarcasm a little too far. He forgot that to be a pm of this country you need to be a citizen first and then stand for election to be elected. Furthermore, the pm'ship is only reserved for brown skins like himself and not white skins, or even yellow skins like me. 

Taking a look at a couple of corporate cases, Nissan Motor Co Ltd has Mr Carlos Ghosan, a Brazilian, as its CEO since June 2001. I don't hear the Japanese get all hot under the collar to pass a remark like 'let's have a 'white' PM next.' Another example, Nokia has Mr Rajeev Suri, a Indian Singaporean, as its CEO since 2009. You don't hear the Scandinavians griping, 'let's have an Indian PM next'. 

Admit it, you people can't do the job so, let's move on.


  1. Geronimo,Nurul Izzah,Dyana Sofah and a few of the fairer Malay ladies in politics,dressed orang putih style,will look more like Westerners than Malays.Maybe this is what Mahathir meant.A white lady PM.

  2. Bruno, I believe this mamak literally meant a white person or kwai loh, who could also possible be a prime minister of this country. He was just trying to work on the minds of the conservative Malays.