Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It is certainly sad to see such things happening to a Muslim

There are so many Islamic NGOs including religious bodies like JAKIM, MAIS and JAIS. Why couldn't one body just extend a helping hand instead of ridiculing a fellow Muslim just because she was facing a life's dilemma. Now it took a Buddhist association to reach out to help the poor soul to start a new life.


  1. Geronimo,long time no see.Remember the person in charge of funds for alms for poor Muslims.A senior guy in a minister's dept,I think.In fact there were two of them and instead of doing their job of helping the poor,they dipped their filthy fingers into the kitty.

    With these greedy hungry for lust mongrels running loose,it is a wonder if there are enough funds left for helping the poor.Umno and it's ketuahnan Melayu?Forget about it if one is not politically connected.

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  3. Hi Bruno, good to see you back posting comments on my blog. My apologies for being away from time to time as I was kind of busy preparing for the festive holidays.

    As with regards to the above case, it is indeed tragic to see a Muslim being so shoddily treated by its own religious community and in return, had to turn to another for help right up to the point of getting her on her own two feet. I wonder what happened to the word 'Compassion' which they utter so often in their prayers?