Tuesday, January 20, 2015

That Tee Chuan Seng fella is at it again

After reading the news report in the Free Malaysia Today that Tee Chuan Seng called Eric Paulsen a 'mata sepet' [slit eye] with a white man's name, I can't help but to point out that he is also a mata sepet himself. By continuously provoking the Chinese, something tells me this SOB must be tired of living.


  1. Geronimo,this Ah Tee is a piece of shit.He is so ashamed of being born a Chinese,that he is out everyday trying to offend the Chinese by his big chicken ass popping shit everywhere he goes.If he is so ashamed of being a Chinese Muslim and had eyes popped out wanting to be a Malay Muslim,then go color his skin dark brown or black.

    I really wonder what his parents and sibblings think of this shamed creature.What Ah Tee should do is go play alone and shiok sendiri his own self.

  2. From what I know this TCS is an opportunist.If he had not converted,wot he be giving lectures at the ID.No fucking way,Jose.This is cronism at it's very worst for having a fool giving lectures at taxpayers expense.

  3. Tee Chuan Seng looks very happy.I guessed he just had a very good and delicious BJ.Hehehe,now everybody knows what a son of a gun,you are.