Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Whether he deserves it or not, let's give Jackie a break ....

    Forget that Jackie Chan for a moment that he is a famous movie star. Forget for a moment that he has a son who has been caught for drug abuse and sentenced to imprisonment. Forget that his contributions to the well being of Malaysia is negligible except for one movie made in KL years ago much to the annoyance of the KLites due to the road blocks for the shooting of the film that resulted in massive traffic jams. Much as I disagree that he is deserving of the 'Datuk'ship award, but others have really gone overboard accusing him for many things. Was it necessary? After all as a person and an individual, he worked very hard for close to 40 years, making good himself in the movie industry both in Asia and the States, and risking his life in the process with all the self performed dangerous stunts.
    In the same token, did we hear Malaysians complaining about the 'Datuk'ships and 'Tan Sri'ships awarded to recipients whose background have been quite dubious and some who even paid to enjoy the status. What was their contributions to society, that is something we would like to know.? Some who were even later caught for all kind of criminal activities but still have their titles intact.
    A couple of commentators even said that the Hongkies wouldn't even know what the title is all about, and therefore would be a waste giving it to Jackie. Be rest assured, the Hongkies are well informed. There was even one TVB TV series where one of the leading stars was called a 'Datuk'.
    I may not agree with the idea that he should be awarded the title, but let's be fair to him, give credit where it is due. At least, he did not 'buy' it or did he?

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