Thursday, February 5, 2015

Boycott the price not the Chinese.

I wonder how many of you remember the speech made by UMNO Titiwangsa Division chief, Datuk Johari bin Abdul Ghani, four years ago, that he didn't need the votes of the Chinese and the Indians to win the election for his constituency. Immediately, the video went viral and emails were spontaneously received by many people to boycott his company's products. It was a no holds bar effort by the people who sent the emails repeatedly to make sure the message was well entrenched into the minds of the non-Malays. Now whether it was a success, we will never know as no one provided a statistical account of the impact of the boycott.

Now, coming to Ismail Sabri for his callous remark to boycott Chinese businesses and his refusal to apologise, shall the non-Malays now make a list of bumi businesses to boycott as well? The non-Malays will say they are more deserving as it is the majority exploiting the minority, and not the other way round. Shall we be expecting a slew of emails coming into our inboxes to remind us day in and day out to ensure the boycott is in effect?

So, finally, we can see that we are going to experience a tit-for-tat situation which will do no one any good, especially when the country is now going through a tough spell.

Some may not agree with me, but my suggestion is to let sleeping dogs lie. There are already too many lose cannons in UMNO and we don't need to stoop to their level each time one of them open his mouth. It will drain off our energy. We might as well spend the time productively putting that three meals a day on the table for our families rather than to be involved with such nonentitious characters.

Finally, a reminder of what His Majesty, the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong said on February 1 2015 ...

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  1. For a minister,this dude's mouth is like a hen's backside spewing shit,and he got brains of a donkey.