Saturday, February 28, 2015

Remembering my old History teacher from Cochrane Road School

February 12 2015 was the day that left me totally overwhelmed with happy memories. For 35 years, I have been trying to locate my favourite history teacher, Mrs Dorothy Ee, but was in vain. Then some old Cochraneans started a FB page for the ex-students and as we communicated, we gradually narrowed our discussions to this particular teacher. I am the only member from the 60s period in the group while the rest are from the 70s.
An effort was made and after two and a half months of search, I finally managed to locate her at a nursing home, My Father's Place, in Damansara Perdana. This information was quickly fed to the group and I could feel the air of excitement exuded from the members.
Finally, that morning I drove to visit her and on the way, I kept thinking what am I supposed to say when I meet her.
As I entered the home and there she was seated in the deck chair in the living room looking quite frail and feeble. She didn't talk much but that didn't deter me in carrying out a monologue with her. However, she gradually came round to me.
It was their lunch break and she was spoon fed by a Filipino helper. It was just plain kway teow soup with minced meat.
I spent one hour and fifteen minutes with her with me doing all the talking and she doing all the nodding. I was hoping that I won't bore her to death with all my yakkety yak. In between, she chipped in with a couple of quips in English and Cantonese.
As I left the home, I felt so much of sadness knowing that a once robust human being with so much drive and who taught us History in Form 4 & 5, and General Paper in Form Six is now reduced to a frail human being. She was a disciplinarian but we knew deep inside, she had a soft spot for some of us that even long after we have left school, she still kept in touch with us.
After her tenure with Cochrane ended, she assumed her new post as the headmistress of Pudu English Girls School.


  1. I was there in 1973 and 1974 . Still remember her . Nice to be down memery lane .

  2. Geronimo
    What year were you in Cochrane ?

  3. Hi Mea Teater, I was in CRS from 1961-1965 under the principleship of the late Lim Eng Thye aka Bulldog. If you were in CRS in 73 & 74, would you know Loh Meng Chee and Choong Tuck Meng? If you are a FaceBook kaki, you may like to join our group 'Pre-80's CRS'. Majority of the members are from the 70s period except me from the 60s. Incidentally, we (old CRS) and the old girls from PEGS plan to have a birthday gathering for Mrs Ee on April 30 2015. Anyway, do keep in touch. My email address is :

  4. Hi there
    My name is Krishnan CRS 1960-1963. Forms 2-5. Form 1 St Gabriel Kampong Pandan School.. Feeder School Batu Road School 2
    Dorothy Ee was my Form Teacher She is ex Setapak High School.
    I have a class photo with her in it. We were very naughty class with people like Harpal Singh, King Kong, Wong Ah Kheng, Senathirajah
    We gave Dorothy and an Eurasian literature teacher Barbara a very tough time. Mr Lim Eng Thye have caned all of us for various indiscretions, smoking, bent school badges, mixing with gangsters. The highlight was 5 of us were caned for missing school as we went to the High Court to watch the Stella Kok, Brian Jeramiah case.
    As Dorothy wore a lot of make up we called her Chinese Opera star and will sing Chinese songs.
    Our academic performance was pathetic to say the least. When I collected my final secondary school certificate Mr Kumarasamy (ex Maxwell School) was shocked that I passed with a Grade 3. He said to me never expected you to pass.

    My life changed after Cochrane. I now live in Australia having obtained a University Degree and a Chartered Accountant.
    It was sad to see the picture of my old class Teacher Miss Ee. God bless her. my email


  5. Hi Geronimo, my name is Johnny Chow 63-68. I remember Ms Ee as a fierce teacher, though she never me before. Hope she is still ok. When I saw your picture I remembered you. We have in our group about 50-60 of us, mostly from year 66-69. Remember our school captain Lee Chee Meng or Dr Wu Chin Foong?
    Keep in touch. My email is