Monday, February 23, 2015

So finally PAS has thrown down the gauntlet ....

Two direct hints from PAS that tell you that they are no longer interested in the Pakatan grouping.  First, they have made it known that they will not accept Nurul Izza as the new Opposition Leader when no one has even brought up this subject at all, and secondly, they have announced that they will proceed with the Hudud law for Kelantan in March.

Now that DSAI is in prison, PAS have now insisted that their President Hadi Awang be made the new Opposition Leader much to the chagrin of the other Pakatan members.  I personally don't believe he is up to the job as he is a politician that only wears a horse blinkers whose vision, if one could call it that, is only about Islam.

There are many other leaders in PAS who are well liked and have worked very hard to build bridges between the Muslims and non-Muslims since GE12.  In reality, they cannot be expected to be an Opposition Leader as such position is provided for only to the head of the party.  But, if given a choice, which candidate would you choose to be the Opposition leader?

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