Tuesday, August 11, 2015

This is what the Financial Times have to say .....

“Malaysia should learn from Singapore,” the Financial Times (FT) said in an op-ed.
“It should show zero tolerance for corruption, starting with Prime Minister Najib Razak, who must clear his name or step down.” It should also manage its populace’s ethnic relations better.
Lee Kuan Yew may have cried fifty years ago at separation, yet half a century later, it is the Malaysians who are crying, FT claims.
For one, Singapore is far more prosperous economically with a per capita gross domestic product of US$56,000, compared with Malaysia’s which stands at US$11,000.
While Singaporeans may still feel something amiss in their country’s brand of “authoritarian-guided development,” FT claims that their difficulties pale in comparison with those of Malaysians who are seeing their country go through its “worst political crisis in years.”
“Malaysia has been undergoing a long-term meltdown in which the political, religious and ethnic compact that has underpinned the country since independence groans under its own rotten contradictions,” the respected economic publication adds.
While the People’s Action Party can no longer claim to be infallible, it is still widely regarded as honest and competent.
“The same cannot be said for Umno,” FT points out, with Najib embroiled in a corruption scandal linked to the debt-laden state investment fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad.
Seeming to cast doubt on Najib’s explanation that the US$680 million which he received in his personal bank accounts was a political donation, FT points to the general sense of distrust which the Malaysian public has in Umno.
“[B]oth countries have potentially combustible ethnic mixes,” it notes, but “Singapore has done better at forging a sense of fairness and national unity, through language, meritocracy and incorruptibility.”
Malaysia’s “positive discrimination, has by contrast created a crony capitalist state,” it claims.
Apart from eradicating widespread corruption, the Malaysian government must strive to forge policies of national unity, not ones of the division based on religion and ethnicity.
“Malaysia must stop the rot, or slip disastrously backwards,” FT warns.

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  1. Geronimo,Umno and its minnows,MCA,MIC and Gerakan are corrupted from the top down to the bottom rungs,the office boys and janitors.This mass corruption,nobody,not even the ass lickers can argue or defend them.But come every GE,these leeches are voted,again and again into power.So if the people loved these leeches so much,hey,who can blame them if they wanted to accumulate fortunes lasting them tens of generations,for their useless off-springs who cannot even lift a finger to do a hard day's work.

    The problem is not only with the voters.It is the opposition,with their retarded mentality.The political gods did them a favor.By sending Anwar to the"Hilton,Sungei Buloh" for five years.It is true,that Anwar did managed to round up these three "strange bedfellows" to form a political pact.But do anybody even realized that Anwar is the stumbling block to Putrajaya?Anwar is previously from Umno.He will not be accepted as PM from the Umno supporters and the rural Malays.And he is as corrupt as the Umnoputras.

    Yet,now that he is a double felon,not once but twice,the opposition is still screaming that he is the only candidate suitable for the PM'ship,if the opposition captures Putrajaya.What the fuck these opposition been sleeping all this time,having their wet dreams about Anwar being the PM in an opposition gomen?If Anwar is the only best candidate they have got,forget about Putrajaya.

    Although I would want as much as any Malaysian would loved for a regime change,I strongly believe that Najib will weather this storm and come out very much stronger.The opposition have been playing dirty all these while,conspiring with SR's Clare Rewcastle and supporting her financially.Then we have the media buying stolen documents.They have gone through all these troubles to topple Najib,and Najib is still hanging tough.And Najib has purged his enemies in Umno and is now like Mahathir, and will be around longer than Mahathir's rule of twenty two years.

    The opposition has fucked up big time this time around.Jumping into bed and giving their asses to corrupted Umnoputras.The opposition are forced to bend over their backsides to Umnoputras,because they have no other choices.If Najib stays and remains PM,many people involved in this conspiracy is going to join Anwar in Sungei Buloh.So they like Mahathir's gang are going for broke.I say,serves them right.