Sunday, August 9, 2015

Why Najib's personal account?

From blogger Peter Yew of Coffee Talk:

If the UMNO supreme council doesn't know about the 2.6b ringgit in Najib's personal accounts what's there to stop him from siphoning part of it away? It is a stupid arrangement that the SC can allow one man to handle party funds without reporting and a system of check and balance. Since the money was for party disbursement it should never be under one name more so in a personal type account. The temptation to pick is great and we all want to know if he indeed did not take even a sen for personal gain. If he is unafraid he should authorize Ambank to open up his since closed AmPrivate accounts for the scrutiny of at least the AG to verify if there were any hanky panky.

Read news report here.


  1. Geronimo,after Mahathir took over,those in the ruling coalition took pride in showing off their new found wealth.They were not ashamed and instead were very proud to show Malaysians and the world,the power of corruption.They were flaunting off their wealth,building mansions,expensive cars,branded hardware (jewelry,handbags etc) and of course,mistresses young enough to be their grand daughters.And of course,ordering the blue diamond pills by the boxes.

    No need to look at the ministers.Just look at leap frog Ezam.From Umno to PKR back to Umno.Even for a low level operative like him,his present from Umno for being a froggy was a mansion.Including the perks of high end cars,senatorship and a swollen bank account,why not?

    Daim,worth tens of billions if not in the hundreds of billions.Most of it is Umno money,which now belongs to him.So how much is Mahathir worth?And how about the saviour of the rakyat,Anwar?Hundreds of millions,billions or tens of billions?

    Corruption is now a runaway train in Malaysia.Just imagine if corruption was at a minimal,that is the time before Mahathir came into power,what Malaysia will be today.Malaysia will be among the top five powerhouses in Asia.And Singapore will still be that tiny red dot South of the border.

    The August 29th planned rally called by Bersih and Ambiga's NGO will go on as planned?Will this rally dubbed Bersih 4 have a bigger or smaller crowd?Although the sentiment is going against the Umno regime,and anti gomen tide is strong,I think now is not the time to have a rally or protest.

    Looking back at Bersih 3.Even with PAS providing security,the politicians hijack the rally,and egging the crowd on rush the barricades and all hell broke loose.Maybe,Bersih and Ambiga should borrow Anwar from Sungei Buloh for a day and let him lead the charge.With Azmin right behind him,instead of the two always hiding way behind the crowd.

    There is bound to be "ringers" planted there by the politicians to cause trouble.They want all hell to break loose,in fact many times bigger than Bersih 3.That is what the opposition is hopping for.To get the international community involved.

    For me,although I have always supported and voted for the opposition,this time around,I would prefer to take a break and stay at home.

  2. Bruno, there is a saying, 'Put a monkey in a room full of bananas and you know what to expect."

    In fact, I have too have participated in Bersih 3.0, but as far as Bersih 4.0 is concerned, I have yet to decide to go. There is no doubt that agent provocateur will be planted to create trouble thus giving UMNO the excuse to take whatever actions necessary even to declare a state of emergency. This has yet to be seen.

    I believe the crowd will not be as big as the last one but certainly big enough to put the world on notice that something is truly wrong with our country. In fact, the foreign news network will play a vital role to transmit the message to the rest of the world.