Monday, August 3, 2015

Why am I told that I don't belong here?

The place where I was born, was in this country. Not in some tongkang, sampan or even the Middle Kingdom which is as foreign to me as Timbuktu. As soon as I was delivered, coming out from my mother's womb, the first flow of gentle air that passed through my nostrils was the Malaysian air. Later, as I lay cradled in my mother's arms, and when I slowly opened my eyes, the first ray of light that passed through them was from the Malaysian sun and so was the warmth on my tender skin. Almost a year later, when I started to learn how to walk, the surface of the ground where the sole of my feet first touched was that of the Malaysian soil.
Despite the origin of my being here, why am I told that I don't belong here?


  1. Geronimo,long time no see.Anybody and everybody born on Malaysian soil is Malaysian.Those people who do not think so or are calling names such as pendatangs as morons born out of camels ass.These people are the ones who do not know the difference between a butt hole and an asshole.In fact they wouldn't know a pussy if they saw one.They might take it for an ass.

    Have a wonderful day.Cheers.

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  4. Hi Bruno, nice to have you back. Was just wondering where you have been? Looks like the 1MDB issue is just about to go on the over boil. Expecting more exciting events in the days to come. You have a nice day, too.