Saturday, August 8, 2015

Donation? Payment? No one knows or do we?

Khairy said it was contributions from the three million UMNO members, but MACC said it was a donation from overseas, a Middle Eastern source.  Sorry, they cannot disclose the source.  Then, they said it was placed into Najib's personal account under trusteeship, much safer as claimed by Abdul Rahman Dahlan.  If that is the case, might as well close up all the banks in the country and everyone placed their hard earn money with Najib.

But then what do the following tell us?


  1. Geronimo,long before the Justo arrest,I already said that the opposition should not waste time just beating around the bush and chasing the invisible ghosts of 1MDB.If Mahathir and his gang cannot chase Najib out,what can the opposition do?

    It is better to use their resources to get their house in order and be better prepared for the next GE.The only way to kick Umno/BN out is through the ballot box.I did mentioned that by hook or by crook they will come out with something and Najib will be as clean as an angel.And he will be like a happy little boy,who just had his first climax ever.Malaysia is not well known internationally as the "land of the bolehs" for nothing.

    Have a nice and wonderful weekend.Cheers.

  2. Be as it may, but, at least, had it not been for Tony Pua and Rafizi who brought the 1MDB issue out into the open, I guess we will never know what was really happening and Najib could be having a time of his life enjoying the 'fruits of his labour'. Even though little can be done to see justice done, but Najib knows he is now put on notice and every move of his is being closely monitored. The only thing is ... I wish GE14 is tomorrow. Going for the rally on the 29th?