Monday, July 25, 2016

Anything that happens in any country, comes under the jurisdiction of the respective country. If Malaysia committed a crime in the US, then the Americans have the right to bring forth the culprits to justice.

If a Malaysian murdered an American on American soil, and the former is being charged, can our people say that the Americans are meddling in Malaysian affairs?  Now, let's assess the current case involving the 1MDB.

1. Had Najib put all his billions in, say, Maybank, would the US have the locus standi to say anything?

2.  If Riza Aziz and Jho Low bought mansions in Malaysia, support local artist paintings, make movies locally using local resources, pay gambling debts in Genting, buy up Rayani Air, could the US have meddled?

3. Najib should buy up Bandar Malaysia Land with the ill gotten billions. At least today, it is not in the hands of China.  But then, could the Americans have meddled in our decisions?

Read one ridiculous statement HERE.

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