Friday, June 5, 2009

Redeem your honour ..

The BN, especially UMNO, is so badly tainted with corruption, murder, etc that in order to win the confidence back from the rakyat, it's time for them to redeem their honour

Take for instance, the former President of South Korea because he and his family has been implicated in a corruption scandal. To save face he committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.

In Australia, recently saw the resignation of the Defence Minister, Joel Fitzgibbon Read the story below.

Australia's scandal-hit defence minister steeped down on Thursday over 'mistakes related to accountability." Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said.

Joel Fitzgibbon steeped down over revelations that he called an army general in charge of dence helath services to a meeting with his brother, who runs an insurance company.

"The minister has offered me his resignation, I've accepted it and I think it's the right thing to do," Rudd said.

Rudd said Fitzgibbon had paid a "high price" for his error, which follows a series or damaging gaffes which had called his position into question.

Fitzgibbon had been under pressure over two trips to China paid for by a Chinese-Australian businesswoman. This week, he also admitted he failed to disclose a night's hotel accommodation paid for by his brother's firm.

"Obviously we're sad about this but it's important that we maintain high standards of miniterial accountabillity," Rudd said.

"That's why I believe the minister has acted responsibly."

The question is, if this has happened to one our ministers, will he resign?

In Japan, anyone caught in such corrupt activities, will take upon himself to "save face" for his family by committing suide, i.e. hanging. Not so long ago, they would perform hara kiri or seppuku.

If the government is serious indeed int he Look East policy, this is one culture that should be embedded into the minds of those in UMNO. If memory serves right, Mahathir once said that should he decide to charge everyone in his cabinet for corruption, he would not have a cabinet left after this.

To UMNO, redeem your honour and redeem it fast or otherwise come GE13, all of you would be booted out for good.

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