Saturday, June 6, 2009

Samy's mansion

A family pic, prominently placed in the family home

Vell Paari may be 47 and married with a daughter but he still prefers to live with his famous father the MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu in the family house in Jalan Ipoh surrounded by the memories of his childhood.

“I have an office in the house,” Vell Paari said as he showed off the famous house to The Malaysian Insiderteam recently.

It is the same house where in the heydays Samy Vellu held grand birthday parties and scores of loyalists lined up to garland him and offer presents that ranged from pens and cakes to huge paintings of their leader.

In was reported at one such birthday party Samy Vellu famously said that guests had eaten everything and that there was nothing left for his dogs.

At another he was furious to find chicken bones in the swimming pool.

A 20-year-old golden arowana has pride of place in the opulent sitting room with its many ornate decorations.

Along the side of the large oval shaped room are numerous figures of Lord Ganesa. “Lord Ganesa is a favourite gift among Hindu VIPs,” said Paari explaining why Ganesa is everywhere.

An outside view of the Samy home. - Picture by Jack Ooi

Outside, the waters in a large swimming pool shimmers under the hot afternoon sun. The garden is packed with trees including a few rambutan and durian trees with pet jungle fowls running around.

In one corner is an aviary with peacocks including two rare white coloured that were gifts. Some of the peacocks were born in the aviary, says Paari.

In another corner is another air-condition outhouse for two dogs — a giant sized German Shepard called Watts and an unnamed Pug.

Big is beautiful... Paari and Watts. - Picture by Jack Ooi

“They all have been with us for a long time,” says Paari adding, they were part of the family.

On the ground floor is Samy Vellu’s study lined with more statues of Ganesa, walls covered with photographs of family and friends and shelves full of books (both English and Tamil) and a large working table.

On the second floor is the prayer room, living quarters and more books which we gave a skip during the tour.

Samy Vellu’s wife Datin Sri Indrani Samy Vellu lives in a condominium in the city, Paari says and visits often.

At the time of the interview Samy Vellu was in Singapore checking up on his eyes.

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