Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A survey on Najib's performance

As blogger, DelCapo, observes ...

The survey was carried out byMerdeka Centre and the story picked up by The Malaysian Insider.

ok… delCapo is in no position to verify the stats revealed by Merdeka Centre… but somehow among my few disconnected circles of friends/acquantances/ workmates/ family… the stats simple dun represent them.

Maybe delCapo mixing with the wrong crowds.

THe Malaysian Insider’s Shannon Teoh has skifully picked up on the stats and subtlely shone a light on Najib:

Still, it seems Najib has surpassed expectations of Malaysians prior to his premiership, which began on April 3.

The Merdeka Centre also found that 45 per cent of Malaysians were satisfied with Najib in May, a point up from just before he stepped up as PM, which in turn was up from a low of 34 per cent in early March.

Well well well, Shannon…. nice writing….

Ok… Nevermind the Malaysian Insider spin… so what’s delCapo main problems with the stats (beside not being convinced)?

1) If delCapo is conducting a national survey and there are  39% of “no respond”… it will NOT be published, let alone published and being used as a major news reference!!

2) There are many ways of conducting and presenting a survey’s demographics – age group, geographical location, education level, professional background, sexual orientation, etc…. all which would have made meaningful mainstream analysis of an opinion poll on our new PM (except maybe sexual orientation)… but what is the ONLY one  this Merdeka Centre has chosen to use – RACE!!!…..WTF!?!?!?!

Hello!! We have been talking about Anak Bangsa Malaysia…. unity…. even the subject of your survey is trying to push his 1Malaysia propoganda lah… can you cut the race crap!?!?!?!

What is Merdeka Centre playing at?? Why has Malaysian Insider picked this up with such enthusiasm????

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