Friday, July 10, 2009

This is really crossing the line!

Two Muslim men had gone undercover to a church with the aim of seeking out Malay youths who apostate. They also held a press conference at the police station itself. They went to attend the mass in church from beginning to end and participated in everything … including holy communion (the consumption of ‘the Body of Christ’, which is only for Catholics.
To us Catholics, the body of Christ is something very sacred, that only Catholics (some churches even stressed ‘baptised and practising catholics’ are allowed to consume because only we Catholics believe in this what was called ‘transubstantiation’ where a piece of white host was transformed into the body of Christ. As the police report stated – ‘this white host, according to the Catholics, is something very sacred and should not be played around with because Catholics believe the host to be Jesus Christ, whom only Catholics can consumed’. Those two undercover Muslim men not only consume the Body of Christ but they spit it out later to photograph it (this means earlier they didn’t consume it but hid it in their mouth).
I also attached here the said article in Al-Islam regarding these two men going undercover. (here and here – please enlarge it to read. if you find it too small to read, contact me. I’ll email them to you). It was indeed terrible what they did. It won’t be so bad if they just attended mass and sat there and watch… but they went to consume the body of christ, spit it out and take photo of it! This is really ‘hina’ to our religion. to us the ‘roti putih’ is Jesus himself where nobody should not main-main with it, least of all, non-Catholics.
There is another article in the same issue of al-islam which talked further about ‘remaja melayu murtad’ (malay youth apostate). They seemed to blame the church for trying to convert the youths. I find that strange. First of all, the church would never do that (and to think they even said a church pay the youth to convert!) and secondly, more importantly, if the youth feel like converting, it’s their own business and if they want to blame someone, why blame the church? why don’t they blame the youths? Better still, blame themselves!! Why the youths want to murtad? Probably they did not guide the youth well enough in their faith!!
It’s same like the Allah issue (btw, it was mentioned in the article too), where those religious officers keep saying if the church use ‘allah’, it will confuse the malay youth. come on, don’t insult the malay youth i’m sure they won’t be so easily confused. if they are, who is to blame? same like, if they feel many malay youth murtad – converting to christianity (or other religion) who is to blame?

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