Monday, September 14, 2009

Good news for the disableds

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This is another effort by the Selangor state government, this time to ease the burden of the handicaps.

Special stickers for the disabled, enabling them to park their vehicles for free in public car parks all over Selangor can now be obtained from their respective local authorities. The state government has printed 500 of these stickers for each local authority in the state.

It is issued free to those with various types of disabilities, nerve disorders, those with children with learning disabilities and those with a combination of several disabilities. However, the blind and deaf do not qualify.

Kajang municipal councillor, Lee Learn Eng, clarified that the disabled could approach only one local authority for the special sticker and its validity would expire at the end of 2010.

"There are two types of stickers - one which can displayed in vehicles, and the other, a mobile sticker for them to use if they intend to travel in other vehicles."

"The stickers have multi-coloured dots visible only under utlra-violet rays to prevent forgery, " he said said at a press conference at Menara MPKj on Friday.

"To register for the stickers, we need a photocopy of the individual's MyKad, OKU card issued by the Welfare Department, driving licence and two passport-sized photographs.

Lee said the free parking facility was applicable only to the disabled and not their family members and friends. Misuse of the stickers will result in the respective local authority issueing parking summons.

So far, 10 of the special stickers have been issued by the MPKj. Those intending to apply for the stickers are urged to visit the council's Community Service Department on Level 6.

Also present at the press conference were councillors Ong Seng Peng and P Narayanan.

[Source: The Star, Sept 12 2009]

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