Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Credit cards - if you have not already heard

Came across this letter written by a "PH" to Malaysiakini :

I refer to the Malaysiakini report PM slashes spending in Budget 2010.

I do not know why the government loves to anger common Malaysians like me. Do they get a kick out of it? I wonder.

I have been using my credit card for years and I do not pay a sen in fees or subscription for their usage.

I use my credit card to make life bearable - I pay my utility bills using the auto-pay facility.

I invite Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to use his lunch time and queue up at the post office to pay his utility bills to see what I mean.

Now Najib wants to make RM550 million annually by charging each credit card user RM50 when banks do not charge us anything at all.

I do not know why they need to make us struggling income earners struggle with yet another fee.

If the government wants to curb bad credit card users, then they should tighten the rules so that banks cannot offer credit cards to just any Tom, Dick and Harry.

I call upon all Malaysian credit card users to surrender their card/s on Friday, Jan 1 2010 as a way to protest this most unfair tax on us.

Let's us start this campaign and send the loudest message to Najib.

Geronimo's Take : Like they said, there is a sucker born every minute and that is why people like Najib and gang continue to be in office to make hell for us all. God bless Malaysia!

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  1. why so mad having rule for over 52 yrs don't u think that they SHALL be booted out in the next GE make sure every voters exercise their rights to the utmost.all the while malaysian is the greatest fool .b4 GE they will do something 2 please the rakyat n all vote goes to bn..... pls vote for opposition!!!!