Thursday, October 29, 2009

Believe it or not, our police can't tell time!

I was feeling a little down today due to my thyroid problem and decided to visit some blogs to cheer me up. It was not until I popped into Patrick "Niamah" Teoh's blog that I had a good laugh. Actually, I wanted to post it in my next Monday's Monday Humour column, but since it is so good, I thought it would be nice to round up our hard working week with this video clip and comments.

The incident took place on May 27 2009 in Ipoh when some of the Pakatan ADUNs were arrested for illegal assembly.

Malaysiakini reported that "Eight Perak Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives and six others were arrested by the Ipoh police about 11.25am for alleged illegal assembly. They were arrested while walking in a procession from the DAP headquarters to the High Court to observe a suit being filed against the BN state government over the sacking of elected village heads."

Forward to the
03:40 of the video and listen to the policeman with the loud hailer.

"Ok, saya bagi 3 minit untuk bersurai. Kalau kamu tidak mendengar ini merupakan perhimpunan tanpa sebarang permit. Saya akan tangkap. Okay, satu-dua-tiga...TANGKAP!"

Remember, he said 3 minit ya? Now you count for yourself la. Satu...dua...tiga...did that take 3 minutes? But to a Malaysian policeman that IS 3 minutes or tiga minit. Maybe their time goes by faster than ours.
"Oh my goodness! This is f**king hilarious!" [In the words of Patrick Teoh]

Geronimo's take : And the way, the "Tangkap!" was said, repeatedly in a screachy voice, gave the impression that the person had gone berserk. Now what had our Pakatan ADUNs done to this poor fella for him to lose his mind and sense of timing?

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  1. You can't tell their sex either. many of them are pondans!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race