Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Cliff Richard and The Shadows all over again!

This is certainly great news if you are a fan of Cliff Richard and The Shadows. After more than 30 years, Cliff, Hank, Bruce and Brian are back again, this time to record a new studio album entitled "Reunited". If memory serves me right, the last time Cliff performed with The Shadows was at the London Palladium (or was it the Albert Hall) at a re-union concert in 1979. After that, Cliff continued with his solo career while The Shadows went dormant as a result of Hank's change of residence to Perth, Australia. However, they did get back once in a while to perform in the UK, including their last concert as a group in 2004. The new album consists of 22 tracks (cost me RM40) with the inclusion of three brand new tracks, all backed by The Shadows just like the good old days. Even listening to the album brings back that nostalgic feeling of the 60s when both Cliff and The Shads rode high on the charts. Anyway, welcome back, boys. We miss you.

The album was recorded in January this year in conjunction with their 50th anniversary performing as a group. Despite the fact that all the tracks were given contemporary treatment, they kind of appeared 'stiff' compared with today's pop music accompanied by strings, keyboard and wind instruments. I guess Cliff and the boys wanted the songs to remain in the sixties mode to create that nostalgic feeling. The instrumentation by The Shads remain almost the same except with some variations in some of the pieces, and of course, not forgetting Cliff's now aging voice (which didn't sound too bad at all, actually).

Even though all of them have passed the mid-60 mark, you can never keep a good band down.

Tracks include:
1. I could easily fall (in love with you)
2. The Young Ones
3. Move it.
4. Living doll
5. Bachelor Boy
6. Nine times out of ten
7. C'mon everybody (new)
8. Travellin' light
9. It'll be me
10. In the country
11. On the beach
12. The next time
13. Please don't tease
14. Sea cruise (new)
15. Willie and the hand jive
16. Summer Holiday
17. Do you wanna dance
18. Don't talk to him
19. Time drags by
20. Gee whizz its you
21. Lucky lips
22. Singing the blues (new)

Even though you may already have the above (vinyl, cassettes or CD), there is nothing like adding this album to complete your collection.

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