Sunday, October 4, 2009

The numbers just don't add up

The say in politics, the larger the number you have, the better the chances you have in winning an election. As every one knows by now, the Indians have suddenly become the king maker in the Bagan Pinang by-election and all the pro-BN Indian based parties have started to lay claim that they have the numbers to deliver for UMNO, or is it? Numbers can also be deceiving if you know how to add. This was what was exposed in Jeff Ooi's recent write-up in his blog.

In preparation for Bagan Pinang...

Poll strategists say the numbers must add up in planning for a battle... any battle

So I took a look at the winning chances for PR-PAS in the forthcoming by-election in Bagan Pinang.

Apart from the task to win over the 30% postal voters in the Army Town, we have to battle in wooing the 2,800 Indian voters too.

Facing off the pro-BN Indian clusters gathered from stats published in the Press, PR-PAS will be doomed:

MIC members: 2.5 million
M Kayveas' PPP: 1.5 million
T Murugiah's PPP: 157,231
IPF: 320,245
Makkal Sakti Party: 2.1 million
P Uthayakumar's Human Rights Party: 1.5 million
Hindraf supporters: 2.2 million
KS Nallakaruppan's MIUP: 250,782
Kimma: 300,057

If you add them up, wow! There would be 9.5 million pro-BN Indian supporters - which add up to about 40% of the national population of 25 million [phew!] - ready to be mobilised in Bagan Pinang, or in the next general election.

In what language do we teach our kids Maths and Science nowadays, I wonder?

Now you can understand in my earlier blog, I wrote that I didn't feel confident that PAS will win this round? Wakakaka.

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