Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The way China and Malaysia treat people found guilty of corruption

While China is extremely serious in the way they mete out punishments for those found guilty of corruption, ours is nothing but a big fat joke. China will not only not hesitate to execute the offender by a firing squad, they will even send a bill to the family for the bullets used. In Malaysia, we are rewarded for being incompetent and corrupt. What a wonderful country this must be. Remember that guy who screwed up our FOREX transaction a few years ago worth billions of ringgit but later to become Finance Minister II? Wow, what a way to go in developing one's career path. Now we have an ex-MB who was found guilty for corruption by his very own party, but is now eligible to stand for a by-election as his offence is only a "technical matter". so said the prime minister. So in actuality, morons, buffoons, idiots and nimcompoops can become leaders of the country, if that is the message the UMNO want us to believe. Very sad, indeed! [Please click the following images to enlarge]

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