Monday, November 30, 2009

If it happens in a foreign country

One after another, high-ranking officials came forward to defend Biro Tata Negara (BTN) as if they do not know what the institution has done.

No, they are not out of line; they just chose to be indifferent.

Keep it up; do whatever you like and keep refusing change or to intervene.

Keep it up, BTN. There are still many young minds waiting to be brainwashed and coloured.

Children of high-ranking officials will not be sent to join such courses. They have been sent to study in the United Kingdom and Australia since they are still young and they will never understand how the government of this country teaches young people.

However, assuming, just assuming, if the United Kingdom and Australia were to have similar courses and children of high-ranking officials were forced to join the courses.

A white lecturer said that white people are excellent and superior; white people predominate the country and should not be challenged, while those of you with yellow and black skin better know your place and don’t ask for too much.

Also, the opposition is bad and they will betray the country at any time. Don’t let them succeed.

The children of high-ranking officials felt uneasy after listening the lecturer’s sayings. However, they dared not to say anything in front of the lecturer and just kept their heads down.

At that very moment, other white students in the class stood up and together, all of them pounded the tables and booed.

A student, with freckles on his cheeks, said loudly and clearly: “Sir, your words are just your personal opinion and it does not mean that we think the same. However, as a lecturer, your remarks have hurt us all, no matter what colour we are.”

“Your words have violated the principle of human equality. In this liberal and great country, no single person should be the victim of such discrimination and insult.”

“Our classmates, regardless what skin colour and religion they are have, enjoy equal rights just like us.

“We will file a protest with the authority. You are not qualified to be a lecturer. We will ask for an immediate dismissal.

“And if any of us takes legal action against you, we will certainly give our support and we are ready to testify in court.”

All the students left as a collective protest.

The next day, residents of the community spontaneously held banners with slogans to protest against the Fascist in the community. They shouted: “Uphold justice and dignity, no racial discrimination”. And passing vehicles honked to show their support.

On day three, the media reported the incident and the opposition censured.

On day four, the prosecutor were ready to prosecute the lecturer and the government announced the termination of the course. Also, they started an in-depth investigation and pursue the administrative responsibility.

On day five, the Education Ministry sends psychological counsellors to observe and assist all the students to prevent them from being affected by the lecturer, ensuring that no psychological shadow are left in the students.

At night, children of a high-ranking official called home to tell the story. After listening to the story, the high-ranking official felt relieved and said: “It was really a right decision for daddy to send you to study abroad.”

[Source : mysinchew]

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