Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anwar's sodomy trial

The High Court yesterday dismissed an application by Anwar Ibrahim to strike out the sodomy charge he is facing which was brought against him by that fella Saiful. Now why am I not surprised? Our judges can certainly come out with all sorts of reasons to hang you so long as you are from the opposition and a threat to UMNO.

Remember Anwar's first sodomy case ten years ago? When the driver was cross-examined by the late Christopher Fernando if he was sodomised, the driver replied, "No!" The lawyer asked him twice again followed by (Justice) Augustine Paul who also posed the same question to him. The driver still replied "No" to a shocked court house. In the end, although the 'victim' said he was not sodomised, the court said there was evidence that he was indeed sodomised.

Only in Malaysia can such justice system works. The judge ruled, "We know and understand that you were not sodomised, but our evidence showed that you were sodomised." What a joke! I fear history is about to repeat itself.

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