Tuesday, December 29, 2009

After all that have been said and done, believe it or not, it is happening again

It is really unbelievable that despite the recent debate on the way the BTN conduct it's so called patriotic courses, it has happened again. Now, you know why Najib's 1Malaysia will never work as much as he would like us to believe it would. This is a letter to The Sun -

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MY nephew, a doctor, is upset and disappointed after attending an induction course from Dec 19 to 24 at the Bayu Beach Resort in Port Dickson.

The first four days of the programme was conducted by officials from the Health Ministry who were professional in their approach and methodology.

However, the sessions during next two days conducted by National Civics Bureau (Biro Tata Negara) were downright racist. It was sickening and nothing more than an exercise to divide Malaysian society, create disunity, instil hatred and discord.

Although my nephew is a Muslim and a Malay and was not the target of the BTN instructors, he and his other Muslim friends were sick and tired that their non-Muslim brothers and sisters were constantly labelled as “pendatang”. Malaysian Indians were continuously hounded regarding the actions of the now outlawed Hindraf movement.

One BTN instructor even had the temerity to say “no need to attend the BTN course if you think we are racist” and “we warn you not to report what happens here to the press or to anyone else.”

No need to attend? Can the chief secretary to the government (to whom the BTN reports directly) please confirm that the attendance at the programme is voluntary and participants can indeed choose not to attend without fear of being reprimanded and blacklisted later?

And the BTN instructors warned and threatened these young and intelligent doctors. Can we make police reports against them for threatening our children?

So much has been said about the BTN programme over the last few months and many federal ministers have defended it. The truth is either the ministers are ignorant or they simply lied through their teeth.

The prime minister himself had issued a gag order and said he would personally look into the programme. Thus, by continuing with their racist and fascist agenda, have the BTN instructors committed insubordination? Are their actions in line with the noble spirit of 1Malaysia, people first, performance now?

I take this opportunity to congratulate the civics bureau for its kind deed in inducting the 80-odd doctors who attended the programme into the folds of Pakatan Rakyat.

Alor Star

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