Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Bahasa Bible 1818

After four centuries of use of the word "Allah", UMNO suddenly decided to rise up to the occasion to penalise the Catholics by banning the use of the word. Although the High Court ruled in favour of the Church a few days ago, it was not a time to rejoice but merely a sense of relief for all Catholics. Christians in this country want to move on, but I guess UMNO will not let it rest at that. Already Wanita UMNO is waiting for the case to appear before the Appeal Court. Read here.

If only we stop our mediocre education standard, the majority of Muslims, especially those uninformed and misinformed, in this country would not be ranting about this issue.

Herebelow is a sample of a page from the High Bible (as it was then known and used by East Malaysians) of 1818 with the word "Allah" printed on it, appearing under Verses 6, 12 and 13 from John 1:1.

The High Court have already decided. Let's move on as Malaysian Christians too want to live in peace and be left alone to practise their faith.

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