Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boycott BHP!!!!!!

When a Perodua Myvi caught fire this morning [June 3] on Jalan Cheras, bystander Teo Chai Yong rushed to a nearby BHP petrol station for help.

He little expected that his request for a fire extinguisher would be refused by the two BHP staff on duty and as his pleas fell on deaf ears, the Myvi's female driver died as the car burned.

NONEThe Myvi in question was severely damaged in an accident involving a lorry and a Toyota Vios.

According to Teo, he heard the Myvi's female driver call for help while at the same time, a fire around the engine area was spreading.

The accident occured at around 3.30 am, near the Cheras velodrome according to Bernama.

While making calls to the fire department and police, Teo made his way to the petrol station.

His requests were denied, the staff claiming that the management did not allow the loan of fire extinguishers to the public.

[Source: Malaysiakini]


  1. To those of you who read this, i am just a casual media reader. just out of curiosity, besides BHPetrol, are there any stations or 24 hour outlet within the incidents? I seriously could only think of SHELL and KFC 24Hrs. Why cant this fella drive up there instead of making a HUGE turn focusing totally on BHP? just go down to the scene, and check the distance of the scene to these locations, You will find a surprising finding. BHPetrol could not see the incident from their station at all. They have all the right to keep themself inside for security protection. If by any chance the incident are within they view, then we can definitely blame those idiots. secondly, does it occur to you that the VIOS car driver do have some issues to? 1: under age, 2: no licence and 3: drunk??!!... these are some issues that we need to think....

  2. the issue is on how bhp refuse to render a hand. yes, you may be right they are protecting themselves. but look what bhp reps r saying. and in an emergency... u would only think of petrol station for having a fire extinguisher, not some fast food outlet. so dear, pls focus on the issue at hand. with this being said, no one is discounting the vios as the main culprit. we are merely saying that bhp and the 2 stupid idiots could do much more.

  3. Even if the BHP staff couldn't see the accident and don't trust Teo, he can just take the fire extinguisher himself... even if he must risk being fired by his boss. Saving a life is paramount. Surely some good boss somewhere will appreciate a hero and hire him later.

  4. Blame malaysian police. BHP scared to com out coz there have been many cases of robbery in tat area.

  5. who want to be hero now days?gile...and if,hero can food also have all basic..what if d pump station close?why should blame bhp?blame yourself..because you all also cannot help...including me..hahahaha..can comment only...

  6. talking cock.....