Friday, June 4, 2010

The Israelis warned the flotilla

I, like any peace loving persons on this planet earth, deplore the abhorent act of the Israelis of shooting and killing unarmed civilians especially when these people are on a mercy mission to a nation that has been cut off from the rest of the world. However when one looks at the whole episode objectively, it may yet paint a different picture. The Israelis provided early warning to the crew of the Mavi Marmara not to approach the militarised area and went further by instructing the crew to dock at the Ashdod Port instead, where they can then proceed using the formal land crossings under the crew's supervision. Why did the crew not adhere to the instruction and instead responded by saying, "Negative, negative ... our destination is Gaza". If you were to ask me, such stubborn act is merely inviting trouble since Israel is a nation on war footing for the last 60 years and will not hesitate to retaliate if they felt threatened. In any case, the world had better take a step back before the region explodes into another international crisis which we can do without.

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  1. In the end, And only God knows when that
    will be { IT SEEMS } Because it seems everyone there and around the world fighting are a bunch of DUMBASS'S. WOW, Lets see we killed ETC. more of there people then they did our's.
    When you lay down to sleep at nite, Do you see the faces of the ones you have hurt or killed ?
    Does this make you a better person or make you feel better inside.
    I see no enjoyment or reasons for killing other's ruthlessly.
    If there is a evil person that kills others then kill him, If one steals, Teach him NOT, TAKE THE WALLS DOWN AND LOVE AND HELP THY NEIGHBOR,
    I really don't think noone wants to go back home to there wife and kids in a body bag or think they just might of done that. I am 52 now and went to jail 3 times because I couldn't pay my child support,Was always there for my boy's and never missed picking them up, Well after losing everything I had and 14 yr's later our fine Gov,{USA} Finally claimed I was disabled and then the judge stilled called me a lier. Every time I went to court I had Doc's from Neuro Surgeon's and Family doctor saying I couldn't work and have a Spinal Disease. I worked my whole life.
    Now about all I have is a roof over my head, No kitchen sink or countertop, Gov gave me a few thousand and half that went to back child support and now the gov. gives me $449 month - $82 a month for child support. I think you can figure out what I live on every month. Do I have ANGER !!! Would going down to the court house and blowing the head off the judge that knew my X's family and was one of 2 that kept throwing me in jail and my disabilty case was kicked out because anytime you go to jail,They throw your case out. WOULD U B PISSED IF YOU WORKED YOUR WHILE LIFE AND GOT TREATED LIKE THAT. I had anger and hate to start with, But it turned into disappointed in my government and it's corruption. Get my Point ?? Nothing is worth killing over unless they kill and QUIT TRING TO PLAY GOD LIKE THE JUDGES DO, just because they have the power to ruin lifes to the tune of $100k in back support. May God hold you in the Palm of His Hands and guide an protect you.
    Anymore I don't care to hurt any thing living on earth, But help it or them.