Monday, December 6, 2010

Our PDRM and Hong Kong Police - the difference

From the pictures below, you tell me which police force shows more professionalism in crowd control, especially when it involves street protesters.

THE HONG KONG POLICE: The police personnel would line the route to be taken by the protesters and not only to ensure orderliness of the participants but are there to provide any assistance that may be required. Special attention will be given to female protesters and the ageds.

The people of Hong Kong protesting against the Chinese government for confiding Nobel-prized winner and Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobu. Notice the position of the police personnel.

The people of Hong Kong stood together with their Palestian friends in the "End Gaza Seige" march. Again, notice the position of the police personnel.

OUR POLICE DIRAJA MALAYSIA: What more can we say that have not already been said?

They clobber you

They drench you with chemical laced water


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